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About Us


Who We Are

We are a youth-led organisation that believes
biodiversity is life

The Kenyan Youth Biodiversity Network (KYBN) is a youth-led organization registered and operating in Kenya since 2017. The organization is run by a team of 100% young people and provides strategic and safe spaces for youth involvement in national and international environmental policy formulation, advocacy, and implementation of green projects that empower youth economically. As a national network of individuals and youth-focused initiatives whose common goal is to halt the loss of biodiversity, we constantly advocate for mainstreaming of conservation into all key sectors and showcase green innovative youth solutions that can be scaled up to address common environmental challenges.


Since 2018

Since 2018, we have also sent youth representatives to various local and international policy meetings, including the UN Conference of Parties (CoP), such as the CBD COP 14. Such opportunities to connect young people with decision-makers and CSO leaders has proven to be an effective way of strengthening youth participation in policy-making processes, raising youth voices, nurturing leadership skills, and creating avenues for collaboration in on-ground work.

As part of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN), KYBN also advances the agenda of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) among Kenyan youth. We share knowledge and raise awareness on the values of biodiversity and connect the members to build a dedicated movement of youth in Kenya.


To realize a sustainable and impact-led movement of young people and youth initiatives with a common aim of halting the further loss of biodiversity and help reverse the impact of climate change through youth empowerment, knowledge sharing, and participation in policy processes.


To transform the world into one that does not experience human-induced biodiversity loss and where people live in harmony with nature.


We believe biodiversity is life; it is crucial to the balance of ecosystems and the survival of all species. Despite this, biodiversity continues to be lost at an unprecedented rate. This loss is one of the greatest challenges of our time and needs to be addressed on all levels. We urge our political leaders to mainstream ecosystem-based solutions in all Kenya’s future development agendas.

We are #Youth4Biodiversity.


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